About Us


Truptikanta Panigrahi is the founder and CEO of TruPe™ FinTech, a brand of Truyalty Ventures® Pvt Ltd, a neo banking platform that delivers full stack banking services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Truptikanta has a background in physics science, having graduated from the University of Allahabad. He is passionate about innovation, technology, and social impact, and has created a range of products and services that aim to make banking easier, faster, and more transparent. Some of these products and services

Our Mission

Gone are the days when people needed to visit the banks and wait in a long queue even to know their financial transactions. In the present day, the banking sectors are smarter, responsive, and tailored. Needless to say, digital transformation is one of the factors that changed the whole scenario. In this regard, Neo banking is a fine example of digital transformation that is introducing next-generation banking services using cutting-edge technologies.In our organisation we focus in Neo Banking services, As a result, anyone with a valid bank account and mobile phone can make quicker and easier payments. The payment system has been made more accessible due to offline transaction-enabling platforms, like Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), which makes it possible to use mobile banking services without internet, even on a basic mobile handset. On the other hand, the Aadhar-enabled payment system (AEPS) enables an Aadhar enabled bank account (AEBA) to be used at any place and at any time, using micro ATMs. As Neo bank is fully digital and has no physical infrastructure or ATMs, it cuts a lot of resources. Thus, the benefits pass to the consumers. They don’t need to pay on withdrawals or any other annual or monthly maintenance charges. Neo bank offers basic services free of cost.

Our Vision

as we provide so many buckets of services , we get handsome commission against all financial and non financial Transaction. We get some up-front margin against hardware(Device) sell. Our Target territory is Rural belt area of pan India ,so that we can get a very high volume commission from our targeted territory. As we are in process to add maximum number of services, and products in our Buckets so we gradually can grab more and more Revenue. we also going to set up a Software Testing lab with Association of reputed Software company .

Our Experts

Let's meet with our team members

Paresh Kumar Das

Zonal Manager
( TruPe -Digi Kendra )

Rajkumar Mishra

Marketing Head
( Truyalty SuperFund )

Barendra Prasad Behera

State Head
( Odisha )

Pramod Kumar Sahoo

Business Manager ( Truyalty SuperFund )

Karunakar Pradhan

Business Manager ( Truyalty SuperFund )

Alok Swain

Senior Business Associate ( Truyalty SuperFund )

Prafula Kumar Rout

Branch Manager ( Balasore )

Harapriya Mohapatra

Operation Executive

Sujata Behera

Operation Executive

Maheswar Gouda

Business Manager ( Truyalty SuperFund )

Karunakar Pradhan

Business Manager ( Truyalty SuperFund )