Trupe Digi Kendra
(200+ services on platform)

These are physical banking touchpoints that offer digital, financial,and e-retail services to customers in rural and semi-urban areas.TruPe Digikendra enables customers to access banking servicessuch as Money transfer, Aadhaar enabled payment service,account opening, micro ATM,EGovernance, Taxation and loan.TruPe Digikendra also helps customers to onboard to TruPe’s otherproducts, such as the TruPe Plus card. We will also EmpowerFarmers by giving them loan in all over India from rural to semiurban area .

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Trupe Digikendra Services
on Platform

Legal Services
Indian Post Payment Bank CSP
Fastag Services
Loan Services
Money Transfer
Aadhar Center
White label ATM
Bill Payment
QR Code
Prepaid & Gift Card
Rent Payment
AEPS Services
Cylinder Booking
Micro ATM Services
PAN Card Services
Education Fees
NSDL Payment Bank CSP
Insurance & loan EMI
Trains Ticket

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